Colton Thorn Interior Design

Colton Thorn Interior Design – Who is Colton Thorn? Not many people know, he is a fabulous designer from Los Angeles, CA. Colton Thorn became known publicly since he is engaged with real estate entrepreneur Josh Flagg of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, it sounds strange, but this is the reality. In his Instagram account, which has more than 15,000 followers followers, we could see that he is a wealthy person who has the luxury goods and exotic vacation. Unfortunately he had a small internet presentation for his business and he always offered a personal appointment. If you are looking for Colthon Thorn interior design, I show you an interior design that has valuable art.

Colton Thorn Interior Design

From the picture above we can assumse that Colton Thorn like a simple color. We can see a beautiful white table with a simple shape, with a sofa in black-white striped color. Indeed, the pretty walls with basic color white mix with arbitrarily black circular, like kids graffiti a random circular but had high artistic value. See below I show you another Colton Thorn interior design.

Although this is a little information about Colton Thorn interior design, I hope you can enjoy with his creation, and for next time I will post about another high interisting interior design.


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